Creating a positive framework…

I make a conscious choice to see things positively. Even if there are some shit things going on in my life, or with the people around me, I choose to move forward with a positive framework. How we choose to live our lives is based on how we think and feel, and then act in... Continue Reading →


Art of Brilliance…

Another post that has been brewing for a couple of months now... Are you a 2%er? Are you someone who looks towards the positive and finds happiness wherever possible? Do you delight in the smaller pleasures and can let go of things that are not worth loosing sleep over? If the answer is yes more... Continue Reading →

Are you self aware?

This post again has been a long time in the making. I keep coming back to this question of self awareness. What does it mean? Does it matter? What impact can being self aware have on your daily 'life' actions? Are you self aware? Are you able to look inside and be reflective? Can you... Continue Reading →

Finding a sense of my Self

Been a while I believe and whilst I am not trying to put limits and constraints on this blog, I don't want to loose track of why I started this little space of mine. So here we are. Another post. A brief one today. I am still processing all the information I received today on... Continue Reading →

Balance? Well who has time for that?

Ironically, this post is about finding balance and this particular essay has been sat on my desktop for nearly a month. Not sure I’m best qualified to comment on this area, or am I? Maybe this is the perfect area to be exploring. So here we are, my, finally, thoughts on finding balance... Finding balance... Continue Reading →


Truth. What does this mean? What is my truth? What does it mean to live truthfully? To act in a truthful way? Is it about speaking honestly and simply not lying? Or is it more about realizing what matters most in life? Whether that’s actions and words directed to others, or even more importantly to... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful and fearless

  source This may be a more rambled essay than usual. Still trying to make sense of it all. And by all, I mean ‘all’ of it. Whoa big concept there Emma, good job! So, lets begin…What does it mean when one moves fearlessly through life? When one moves with thoughtfulness and care? Through my... Continue Reading →

Life’s simplicities…

Little moments where you can enjoy the calm and peacefulness of life. This may be through enjoying and savouring a cup of tea. Not a hard earned end of day cuppa, but a lazy weekend morning of self love. Where all you do is take your time boiling the water, brewing the bag, and then... Continue Reading →

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