Truth. What does this mean? What is my truth? What does it mean to live truthfully? To act in a truthful way? Is it about speaking honestly and simply not lying? Or is it more about realizing what matters most in life? Whether that’s actions and words directed to others, or even more importantly to... Continue Reading →


Thoughtful and fearless

  source This may be a more rambled essay than usual. Still trying to make sense of it all. And by all, I mean ‘all’ of it. Whoa big concept there Emma, good job! So, lets begin…What does it mean when one moves fearlessly through life? When one moves with thoughtfulness and care? Through my... Continue Reading →

Life’s simplicities…

Little moments where you can enjoy the calm and peacefulness of life. This may be through enjoying and savouring a cup of tea. Not a hard earned end of day cuppa, but a lazy weekend morning of self love. Where all you do is take your time boiling the water, brewing the bag, and then... Continue Reading →

Personal gains…

How do we move forward in life without getting lost, or loosing sight or what's important to us? I have have been thinking a lot recently as I come to a full year in my new job, about where things are going. What do I want to be doing next? What's new and interesting for... Continue Reading →

True to ourselves

Well hello there old friend! Hasn't it been a while? Indeed it has. I feel like this little space of mine has lost its way, or maybe it's going in the direction it's meant to. A space to reflect when reflection is needed. I suppose that's why I'm here now. Reflecting again on things that... Continue Reading →

Awareness and Accountability

This is has been in my draft box now for about two months. Way past it's due date, let me tell you that. However, before I clicked publish, I wanted to make sure I had really studied my life and assessed areas where I can make change and move towards living more authentically. Making changes to... Continue Reading →

Staying calm

...or finding peace in the those difficult, busy moments during the day! Peace in the stressful, demanding routines of the day. This is something I was told a few weeks back on a course. Yes, it was to do with child development and finding calm in those stressful parts of the day. The ones we... Continue Reading →

Staying healthy

...and sound of mind I suppose. (if in doubt have a power, energising, green juice!) How does one stay healthy, when there are many conflicting views on how to go about achieving a healthy lifestyle. What does this term 'healthy' actually mean? Do we take the medical, scientific notion that being healthy consists of promoting... Continue Reading →

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