Art of Brilliance…

Another post that has been brewing for a couple of months now…

Are you a 2%er? Are you someone who looks towards the positive and finds happiness wherever possible? Do you delight in the smaller pleasures and can let go of things that are not worth loosing sleep over? If the answer is yes more than no, then you are one of the fortunate few.

As the title of this blog alludes to finding true happiness is a constant, daily search for something that sits deep inside. Channelling energy into new ventures, small delights and moving forward into a brighter present is something we should all strive for. I recently went on a training day for work purposes; the Art of Being Brilliant was the tag line. It was an inspirational day. Full of ideas and concepts that hit me right at my centre. I’m already swayed towards these ideas, which are not to distant from my practise of yoga and my interests in Eastern philosophy. However, what was interesting was applying these ideas into your work like. Which, really if you think about it shouldn’t feel separate from your personal life. It’s just your life. Nothing more or nothing less. Everything should feel like it matters and is worth investing in.

How can we build a work-life balance that enables you to move through life with a happiness and joy that does not depend on things outside of ourselves? We touched upon ideas from ‘hygge’ – the danish concept of feeling at ease, taking pleasure in the everyday and relishing in the small moments of life. We discussed topics and concepts about our own lives. What makes us truly happy? What motivates us at work? How can we as leaders then inspire our team to feel joy and a passion to do more, not just professional but personally? Something we all came to realise was that we were all passionate about our work. We enjoyed going to work, and thrived on the privileged position we are in as early years educators and leaders. It was truly wonderful to be in a room with people who have similar ideas and passions. That you can rely on others to support you. We also left pondering the idea that rather than trying to inspire others, how can we inspire ourselves in our own lives that has a ripple effect on those around us?

Finding happiness and joy seems to be plagued by this big, overwhelming pressure of not finding happiness and joy. That we need to search for something monumental that will determine whether we have found happiness. There’s this notion that happiness is an object. That happiness is something concrete that we can hold and shape outside of ourselves. As I delve deeper into my yoga practise, I am realising that happiness is not so tricky to find, it’s just that we don’t want to look inward to find it. The idea that we’ve had the capability of being truly happy with our lives has been with us all along, but we’ve missed it because we’ve been too busy looking elsewhere is quite a sad thought. It takes a lot to stop and reflect. To question all that you are, if you even know who you are, and ask yourselves those difficult questions. Happiness is here, we just try to hold onto it rather letting move through us. Happiness comes from being present.

Be present with where you are now.

Be present with what you have now.

Be present with the people you surround yourself with.

Just be in your life.

I’ve embedded a small youtube clip about some of the ideas Andy Cope explores as a researcher of ‘Happiness”. How to be brilliant everyday, and find joy that is in us, but is masked by so much crap, basically. Take a look.

Being Brilliant everyday

I think it really encapsulates some of the thoughts and notions I try to explore here on this blog. I truly believe that we can all be working and living at a higher capacity if we choose to make choices that reflect who we want to be. If we act in a way that reflects our beliefs and aspirations for life.

My yoga teacher said to me, as we discussed our summer and where we found ourselves currently, that to get a grasp on our priorities we should make a list. A list of all the things that we feel are important to us and then scale them 1- 10 based on how important they are. This list could be values, beliefs, actions, jobs etc. It’s yours to create. However, the idea is that we begin to see what is a priority in our lives and if there are imbalances in those priorities. For example if your health is important but you priorities watching boxsets and dining out over your health then maybe something needs to readjusted. I think if you are having moments feeling like you are stuck, making this list will help realign your values and principles for life. Be honest with yourself when you do not create the time to focus on these values and priorities.

Be honest and true.

Don’t hide behind others, and become a part of this blame culture.

We are in charge of our own lives and to allow others to control your choices should not be the case. Others do not control you; you do. You make the choice to stay in a job that does not make you happy. You choose to say yes all the time and not say no when it really matters. You choose ultimately everything, even if there are some bad things that happen, how you react is always your choice. I make a choice everyday to by happy. To think and be grateful for what I have. To find simple pleasures in my day and not let negative thinking bring me down.

That is a choice we all have. We just need to feel empowered to make it.






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