Are you self aware?

This post again has been a long time in the making. I keep coming back to this question of self awareness. What does it mean? Does it matter? What impact can being self aware have on your daily ‘life’ actions?

Are you self aware? Are you able to look inside and be reflective? Can you question internally things that matter most, or even challenge your own actions and beliefs? Are you able to be honest enough to know when you’re not living a life that is full, open and a true representation of who you are (whatever that may be)?

Being self aware doesn’t necessarily mean being self-conscious. But more about knowing yourself. Knowing when things don’t feel quite right in your life, or knowing when life feels just as it should. I am learning through my yoga training that using different physical techniques such as asana practise, you are able to touch in with your body, your breath and begin to connect with how you are feeling. Is there any tension or stress in your body? Is your breathing tight and short, or is it long and shallow? Are you finding it hard to focus and find yourself easily distracted? Is finding balance a struggle and you find yourself wobbling?

Recently I have been thinking about what it means to be self aware in everyday life, not just in my yoga practise. I’ve always thought of myself as a reflective person. Someone who maybe painfully overthinks stuff, but then can also be inconsiderate or lack awareness of others. Never intentional let me just say. Sometimes I find that hard to admit to myself. This is what I mean by being self aware. Tuning into and being honest with who you are and not trying to hide things away. When you stumble upon something that troubles you or you don’t want to accept, then that’s when you need to stop, listen, accept and find a positive way of moving forward. I know I have a tendency to overshare and rattle on about things, not really picking up on conversational cues that tell me when I need to stop. Now, this is not me being self deprecating but rather about me accepting things about myself and knowing that, that’s okay. So when I catch myself rambling on, I pause and take a step back. It’s not about changing who you are but being aware of yourself in different situations.

Writing and yoga helps me do that. I am slowly taking an interest in meditative techniques to help me slow down and take care of my mind. Which I know can be on overdrive. A bit of self care is a great way to check in and see how things are going in your life. Are you holding onto negative thoughts? Are you not accepting something in your life that scares you? It could be anything, and taking the time to reflect and tune in is so important in a society that is so out there media wise.

Yoga teaches that we are so consumed with external dramas, we forget about the internal stuff. Focusing on the inner self; the self which is constant, we can begin to push aside all that confusing and messy stuff that holds so much influence on our lives. Where in your lives can you find time to stop, check in and reflect on your actions and thoughts? Maybe that can our next challenge. I know I will be continuing this journey of self awareness. Finding out more about myself, and how I can let that shine through without the negativity of self deprivation.


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