Finding a sense of my Self

Been a while I believe and whilst I am not trying to put limits and constraints on this blog, I don’t want to loose track of why I started this little space of mine.

So here we are. Another post. A brief one today. I am still processing all the information I received today on my yoga foundation course. However, I have decided that alongside my reflective life posts, I am going to post updates and reflections on my my training. What new insights I’m discovering or how my asana practice is developing whilst deepening my spiritual understanding of Yoga. 

Today really opened up my eyes as to how much yoga means to me. What it has given and continues to give me. You never stop learning and growing with yoga. There is always more to build upon. Today I gained an understanding of why I choose to practise. What motivates me to get on my mat. Listening to others stories helped me realise my own thoughts and beliefs about what yoga is. 

Initially it was to build strength in my body specifically my spine and core muscles. As time grew the philosophical aspects became of interest. Being naturally inclined to spiritual ideas and eastern philosophy more specifically, I have found that yoga helps me figure out who I am and who I want to be. More of that later I’m sure.

For now I am feeling lots of different things and need to time digest and mull over new ideas and concepts. I am certainly though more aware of how my body moves and the articulations of certain postures, which was extremely interesting to learn about. 

I feel very strongly that my decision to undertake a foundation course in yoga was the best decision I’ve made so far. Where its takes me over the next six months, we will find out!


P.s. if you want to know more about my course, head of to the British Wheel of Yoga to see what’s on offer. 


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