Balance? Well who has time for that?

Ironically, this post is about finding balance and this particular essay has been sat on my desktop for nearly a month. Not sure I’m best qualified to comment on this area, or am I? Maybe this is the perfect area to be exploring. So here we are, my, finally, thoughts on finding balance…

Finding balance is something we all aspire to achieve in our lives. Yet I do feel very few of us are truly able to acquire it (clearly me as I haven’t posted this essay or written in nearly a month). We may for fleeting moments find that even playing field but are then all too quickly thrown back into the ups and downs of day-day living.

It can be hard to find out what kind of balance we want or need in life. Is it the classic work / life balance? Or is it about more finding a balance with our digital selves? Taking time away and switching off from the sometimes-toxic world of social media. Is it about finding a balance with our bodies? Being more mindful of our eating habits, the way we treat our bodies from either over or under exercising.

Balance they say is key to staying grounded and focused.

To being content and happy.

Buddhist philosophy talks about the ‘Middle way’. A path that is neither too strict or too relaxed. A life that encompasses the things you want to put out into the world.



A commitment to improving your self from the inside out. Supporting your fellow man.

Speaking and acting out your Truth…whatever that may be.

Finding balance in life allows you the opportunity to focus on things that are important to you.

If we don’t have balance in our lives then we are not truly opening up to our full capabilities. How do we know when things are too one side? Too top heavy? We know the age old saying ‘feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders’. How do we go about readjusting our values and priorities so we can fall back into line?

I think we first have to figure out what our priorities are in life? Is it striving for a full-filling, busy, packed to the brim work life? A live to work mantra (if that’s what is important to you)? Or is it about making time for yourself? Giving into a bit of self-love. Tuning out from work and delving into more creative and inspiring outlets. Is it about prioritising time for others? Making a commitment to spending time with loved ones. For me meditating and journaling is great way to figure out these things. Writing stuff down no matter how trivial helps me sift through the messiness of my thoughts.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the overwhelming demands and stresses of work (which for me is something I love and am passionate about). However, it is not the only thing that drives me. Sometimes I let it take over and begin to loose grip on things that I care about. Yoga, meditation, writing, photography and just being generally in my own little world.

When my balance is blurred and unsteady, I find myself feeling disjointed and disconnected from my environment. I get an itchy feeling to change and do something different to spark some inspiration in my life. I know I am working towards something greater. And I know, for me it’s about prioritizing my passions. Making that time to do things I enjoy rather than pushing them aside and not really doing much else instead.

I don’t want to suddenly get the feeling I’ve wasted moments of my life pushing things aside. I want to be more present and more in tune with the Now. Maybe that’s how I can find my balance. Accepting things as they are and making real commitments to doing things I enjoy as the feeling arises.


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