Ring out the old. Ring in the new…

This time of year brings up a lot of feelings and questions for me. Always has done. And I find myself with a mixed bag of thoughts.

I suppose the key theme of this little essay is moving forward with the new and letting go of the old. How does one go about this? What is my dharma, my higher purpose, as I move into a new chapter of my life? I have a feeling this easy will contain a lot of “but how does one..?” questions.

As we move into a new cycle of living, how do we know we are moving towards the things we want? How do we know what it is we truly want in the first place? Or rather is the path we are currently on a path others have said we are good at, so merely continued on it without questioning its deeper meaning and connection to our truest desires. In fact how do we get to the root of our truest desires? Especially considering the responsibilities of day to day living. I want to be able to question more deeply the things that are important to me, without being bogged down by the general niggly  bits that keep us distracted.

One of my dearest, and oldest friends, recently said to me that our natural state is one of joy. If we find ourselves being deterred from that natural state then we need to find a means of bringing ourselves back to what we are naturally meant to be – in a state of joy. Such a simple concept. Such a wonderful concept, yet probably one of the hardest things to strive towards. Firstly, we’ve got to discover what brings us joy, true joy. And then we’ve got to figure out a way of incorporating those things into our lives.

I read somewhere that when it comes to making time to do the things we enjoy and love, it’s more about changing our mindsets. Most of the time we say “I don’t have time to do this/that”. However, what we should be saying is “I don’t view this as a priority right now”. Now, when you direct that towards wanting more time to read, practise yoga, see friends/loved ones etc and not feeling like you have enough time in the day/week/month, really what we are saying is “I don’t view seeing friends as a priority” “I don’t view working out a priority for my health”. We will always have enough time. Time is constant and unchanging. It’s about making things a priority and committing to that. We can’t blame ‘time’, we can only blame ourselves for choosing not top go to the gym that day, or not picking up your book to spend an hour reading. I feel it’s about being truly honest with yourself and taking responsibility for wanting something better.

Therefore as I “ring out the old” I’m going to “ring in the new” by ensuring things that are important to me are a priority. As the new year unfolds lets strive to enhance our lives for the better by doing things that bring about joy. No matter how small or how big those things may be. I’ve started journaling daily and thinking about where I am in that moment. More specifically developing my yoga practise, and unpicking how this will support me in cultivating a life that brings me joy. Tuning into the inner self and manifesting dreams hidden deep inside. Yes I went there! Get down with your inner self (if you follow Yoga with Adrienne you’ll get where I’m coming from). You may yet surprise yourself with what you will find hidden and buried away. I do believe strongly that it is about closing your eyes and ears, tuning out the white noise and looking at yourself in the present moment. Being honest enough to admit if where you are right now is not what you want your life to be. Respecting yourself enough to start making changes that have a positive impact on your overall well-being. And coincidently the coming about of a new year seems to fit in with this idea of a fresh start. A new beginning; a moment in time where you decide to do something positive for yourself. As a result the people around you will benefit from this. By focusing on supporting yourself, you are in a much better position to support and help another person.

For me, continuing with this little space is one such action I have committed to. This my way of grappling with difficult ideas that I need to explore and process in order to find a way forward. To question and discover new ways to improve and grow as a person. And I invite you all to the same as we progress through the new year.



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