Staying calm

…or finding peace in the those difficult, busy moments during the day! Peace in the stressful, demanding routines of the day.

This is something I was told a few weeks back on a course. Yes, it was to do with child development and finding calm in those stressful parts of the day. The ones we rush through just so it will be over and can move onto the next things. The times when you’re getting the children out into the garden or ready for lunch or even trying to get them ready for the end of the day. However, why should these moments become such a ‘to-do’. Why do they have to seem frantic? Rushed or stressed? They only appear to be so because we perceive it to be like that. Children are children, especially in the early years where they are transitioning through vast amounts of developmental milestones. Rather than trying to rush through these difficult times, we should be supporting them so it becomes less of a stress on us. We should take our time, just say to ourselves ‘it’s okay, no hurry, we can take our time’ and generally this attitude defuses the whole situation. I’ve been trying to find joy in those moments, using them as opportunities to talk with the children, have a genuine conversation, where I actively take interest in their opinions. These parts of the day are slowly becoming some of my favourite moments. It’s amazing what young children have to say and do when we just stop and and let them be, rather than hurriedly getting them out into the garden.

I then started to think of this in relation to aspects of our own day-to-day routines that we rush through. The ones we just want to get out of the way so we can find time to do something more ‘meaningful’. Those transitional parts of the day that seem to rub us the wrong and leave a sour taste in the mouth. Again it’s not the moment itself but how we perceive that moment to be. If we already have this notion it’s going to be stressful then mostly likely it will. A self fulfilling prophecy. We slowly become disconnected from own lives. We miss all those wonderful little moments because we were so focused on the parts that made us feel crappy. We push through things, and pile too much onto our plates so we are constantly buckling under the weight of all we have to do.

Consequently, my intentions at the moment are to try and find joy in those ‘horrible’ moments. The intention to try and figure out why they are such a problem. In doing so, my day becomes a little brighter. I find myself smiling because on reflection these situations are not always so bad. They’re are generally things we can control and sort out, without all the huffing and puffing that goes along with it. The stuff we can’t control, we just have to let go of, which is actually much harder to do. Having recently had some time off work, and having had a few days to relax and just ‘be’, I have come to realise that wasting time rushing through our daily lives is so…boring. When we rush through our day and come to those final moments in bed where we think, ‘whah where did that day go? Feel like I’ve achieved nothing!’ In reality we’ve probably achieved a great deal, we just didn’t take the time to stop and notice all those wonderful moments in between.

It’s about making the most of the small delights in our daily lives rather than always focusing on that bigger, greener picture. Noticing what’s around us and just taking a moment to breath in the air around us. If we truly observe what we have and what surrounds us, I think we will be surprised at what we find. Life, and daily routines need not be a struggle. It’s about perspective!

So, my intention is to continue to find joy in what I have. To write a list, whether it’s a mental or concrete one, of all that I’m grateful for. And I leave you with a few images of the things I am eternally grateful for…Friends, loved ones, the sweet moments of simplicity that life brings us and of course yoga!.









Love to you all!

Namaste x



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  1. I love this, how we frame things can make such a difference to our happiness and appreciating these moments rather than just trying to rush past them can only be a good thing!

    Maria xxx


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