Self Love


Happiness right now, for me especially during these cold, winter nights, is taking the time to nourish and feed myself with love when it truly matters. Knowing when to slow down, assess where you are and how you are physiologically. Knowing when to take stock to see if you need to rest, to relax and soothe your stressed out body and mind.

This is where I am right now. Making time for self love. Being honest enough with myself to know I need to just stop and just be. Having felt crap (let’s face it no other word somes me up right now better than that) for a while now, I know I need to take better care of myself. When I do I feel brighter, more capable and ultimately happier in myself.

That’s what it comes down to. Ensuring we are treating ourselves with care and love, so we can be the best versions of ourselves. And that’s not to say to hide the things we don’t like about ourselves, but more about having clarity in present situations. Being mindful of our day to day lives and knowing that it’s okay to loosen the reigns we hold so tightly.

So for me this weekend is about self love.



4 thoughts on “Self Love

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    1. Danke! sehr wichtig, um uns selbst zu lieben.

      i hope i wrote that correctly. my german is a little rusty. sorry if i have made some mistakes.

      thank you x


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