Finding Joy

Today, as I walked home from work, I had a sudden moment of joy. Joy in what I do not just for work but for pleasure too. It was strange. I suddenly felt like everything was okay. That those feelings you get at this time of the year, were just passing thoughts and emotions. Not ones I should act upon, but merely reflect on and accept them then finally let them go. I suppose this is what I did this evening.

Sometimes we have moments where we question whether we have made the right choices in life. Especially when it comes to what we choose to do in our working life. I had one such moment like this. I believe this is a natural and human thing to do. It is only natural to feel like we need a new beginning as we come to the end of another year. I believe most people will have thoughts similar to this. It is important to question and check whether we are making the right choices for ourselves, not because we feel we might let someone down. Our happiness is what should drive our choices in life.

And today everything felt, well, normal. Like it was always meant to feel like this. It was truly wonderful to feel certain in my choices and that I am doing something I feel is meaningful and worthwhile. I wanted to cherish that moment for as long as possible. I almost stopped to stand and just be in the feeling of contentment. But as we come to find with all feelings and emotions they rarely last. However, I have a sneaky feeling I will be able to draw upon how I felt today at a later stage, and remind myself that I am on the right path.


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