Well, here we are. Another year coming to an end. And with this comes a time for reflection. Reflecting on past events, mistakes, choices that took us down a path we didn’t know existed. We say goodbye to old habits and begin to find meaning in new ventures and opportunities. Ultimately, we use this chance to begin afresh. Beginning life with a clean slate and vowing to commit ourselves to building a better, more fruitful life. Who doesn’t like being able to reinvent themselves?

Whilst it may be easy to wash old negatives feelings off and strive for a better future, we must not forget to examine where we are right now. This precious moment of now. Not months past but where we find ourselves to be now. We are quick to think of what we didn’t achieve or the things we missed out on, or just the inevitable feelings of failure. It is much harder to think of how we have succeed and saying out loud – ‘I have done myself proud this year’. Why can’t we just be happy with what we have now? The pressure to be continually striving and searching for something…more, can be exhusting. When those things don’t arise for whatever reasons, we are deflated and defeated. I want to go into this next year, wait no, this day, right now, with the commitment to be grateful each day for my life.

I am happy with how things are right now. It’s been a long year but I am grateful to be in a position of content. A position of ease and happiness. I feel proud of what I have achieved this year, the decisions I’ve made and the adventures I’ve had. A new year for me, means accepting what has been, moving forward and being grateful we get another year to live in a way and style that it true to ourselves.

So, 2016, I welcome you with open arms and excitement to the endless possibilities of things to come.

Happy New Year!


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