Self Love

Happiness right now, for me especially during these cold, winter nights, is taking the time to nourish and feed myself with love when it truly matters. Knowing when to slow down, assess where you are and how you are physiologically. Knowing when to take stock to see if you need to rest, to relax and... Continue Reading →


Finding Joy

Today, as I walked home from work, I had a sudden moment of joy. Joy in what I do not just for work but for pleasure too. It was strange. I suddenly felt like everything was okay. That those feelings you get at this time of the year, were just passing thoughts and emotions. Not... Continue Reading →


Well, here we are. Another year coming to an end. And with this comes a time for reflection. Reflecting on past events, mistakes, choices that took us down a path we didn't know existed. We say goodbye to old habits and begin to find meaning in new ventures and opportunities. Ultimately, we use this chance... Continue Reading →

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