Going with the flow

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As things change and we continue to move through life with unanswered questions, sometimes we just need to stop. Stop analysing and trying to make sense of things that baffle us and just ‘go with the flow’. Not trying to control everything and the direction we want our lives to go in.

Sometimes life does not play the same game as us. It follows its own set of rules, which we struggle to make fit with our own expectations. In turn this can cause suffering and unrest; dissatisfaction with the way things turn out. Well, if this is the case, I’m going to shut up, sit back and go along for the ride. Where it goes, who knows? Those big, terrifying things in life? Let them be. Focus on the small things, the day-to-day stuff that is within our control. Stuff we can manage. The present moment. In time the rest will sort itself out.

As I’ve discussed in my last post, things haven’t progress in a way I thought they would and opportunities arose when I let myself be open to them. Having a fixed mentality about what should happen can blind us to so many positive options. I now find myself taking a new path and will be starting a new journey that I didn’t think was a possibility. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s exciting. It’s something I’m going to enjoy. However, what’s important to remember is to take my time, focus on the manageable aspects (those small things) and the bigger stuff, well, that’ll sort itself out in due course.


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