Letting go

As I make my way through the maze of unemployment, and try to plant my feet into something concrete, I need to start letting go of my fears. My fears of failing, not finding a job, being left behind from my peers.

This is what will hold me back from being able to experience the good things in my life. Being open to new experiences and not being stubborn in my choices means I can allow unexpected opportunities to come my way.

Being fixed on one path, and not letting go of those negative gripes can you hold back. And I’m in no position to be closed minded. I want to try and be open to all possibilities; not limiting myself to one choice.

As we come to the end of another week, I feel it is important to keep facing challenges head on and letting go of negative feelings that may arise. Today, I certainly had to experience the painful task of letting go. Physically and mentally to the fact that I am not in a position to have the things I want. However, as I walked home, I reflected on the option of ‘did it really matter whether I got that particular item I had been waiting so long for, or not, and has it really effected me that much where all I can do is think about not having it?’ And in truth, no it didn’t matter. I can wait a little longer until the right time. One materialistic item is not going to make my life any richer or meaningful.

My intention for the coming week is to not put weight on materialism. But to try and appreciate all the wonderful things that are not always so tangible. I think it is all too easy to get bogged down in the physical, materialistic aspects of life to try and find meaning. Ultimately, there is much more to value and cherish when you begin to look wider and further a field.

So! I leave you here with an image from the weekend, celebrating Brighton Pride, where just experiencing life and being in the moment can bring you so much joy!

IMG_5548 IMG_5550


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