We are not perfect beings. Sometimes we make mistakes and fall over. We just need to pick ourselves up and learn from those mistakes.

Yesterday, I fell over…a lot. Mostly on my yoga mat. My practise was brief but it was hard, sweaty and my balance was off. But I kept going, breathing and smiling my way through the tumbles. Tripod headstand is one tricky pose. Even a simple low lunge was making me wobble. I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it or was too ‘in my head’ to really let go. But I practised and definitely felt better for it. I learnt that you can’t be perfect all the time.

That’s how life goes. We get off track, loose our focus and ultimately fall. But that’s okay. Without falling how will we know to rebalance ourselves so we can continue with a clear purpose. With constant practise we build strength and confidence to hold ourselves up against challenges that will try to knock us down.

This is what yoga cultivates for me. Strength. Focus. I’m a much stronger person now than I was a few years ago. Not just physically but mentally too. I know who I am, what I want and hopefully how to get there. Yes, I am still going to get those knocks (currently happening right now!), however, I know I am able to keep my balance and focus.

Plus, life wouldn’t be as fun if things were plain sailing all the time. You need waves and storms to keep you on your toes. To keep pushing you to achieve your dreams.


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