Slowing it down and thinking about the simpler things in life. The everyday stuff we do, that we take for granted. These little moments when acted out mindfully can be moments of little joys. Taking pleasure out the ordinary and realising that in fact these are moments that bring happiness, if only for a brief period of time.

Possibly, yes. Who can honestly say that they take the time to appreciate what they have right now, rather than looking to the future or to the past to bring about happiness in their lives.

The past few days since my post on finding acceptance, I have tried to be mindful of the things in my life that are good. To try and not worry so much about what hasn’t happened yet. I have been taking the necessary steps, such as updating my CV, joining an agency and looking for part-time work, that will all ultimately lead to where I want to be in life. In a school, in Early Years, supporting and guiding young children. Continuing to develop my yoga practice and understanding of spiritual literature. My intention I set earlier has helped me to calm my mind and anxieties. I have freed up that time from worrying to finding those moments of peace. Seeing friends, reading, watching films and spending time with my own thoughts (scary stuff I must add).

For those simple things we do, once we strip away the big stuff, is what grounds us. Or at least makes me feel that way, I can’t speak on behalf of others!

So as we come to the end of another week, or the beginning of a new one (always think positively), I am going to set a new intention…Nourishment! Whether thats through the foods I eat, what I choose to read or how I move my body. This coming week I intend to nourish myself mentally and physically.

What is your?


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