We are not perfect beings. Sometimes we make mistakes and fall over. We just need to pick ourselves up and learn from those mistakes. Yesterday, I fell over...a lot. Mostly on my yoga mat. My practise was brief but it was hard, sweaty and my balance was off. But I kept going, breathing and smiling... Continue Reading →



Slowing it down and thinking about the simpler things in life. The everyday stuff we do, that we take for granted. These little moments when acted out mindfully can be moments of little joys. Taking pleasure out the ordinary and realising that in fact these are moments that bring happiness, if only for a brief... Continue Reading →


Keeping in the theme of my title...Happiness! What is it and how do we find it? Well, isn't that a big question. Currently, right now I am watching 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' and it's got me thinking about what happiness means to us. And all I can say is, who knows! That's what... Continue Reading →

Finding Acceptance

Being in a transitional state is hard. Harder than I initially would have thought. Having just finished my year of studying and not having a job lined up yet for September, means I'm in a constant state of worry and anxiety about my future - being able to live, money issues, feeling like a failure... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

My very first post for this new blog. I want this to be a space to share thoughts, feelings and views on various topics that interest me. I am particularly interested in well-being and finding out what it means to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether it's through physical exercise, nutrition or the way we... Continue Reading →

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