The little things…

Dear me, Today was a good day. Not sure why. There were tears, and tantrums and tired little ones. And yet, today was a good day. There were smiles and laughter and a humming buzz of busyness. Today was a good day and most days generally are. We forget to reflect and think of the... Continue Reading →


Stripping back…

My ideas and thoughts this month have been around the concept of minimalism. Not just with what we own but how we ultimately live our lives. I have been exploring this concept more deeply after having watched Minimalism over on Netflix. So here we go! *** Stepping away from things and finding comfort. Wait!... Continue Reading →


How do we know when we are making the right decision? What signs should we look out for? How do we know when not to make a decision and just let things be? Even when it comes to smallest of decision how do you know that you are making the right decision? *** As a... Continue Reading →

“The Architecture of Peace”

This post may not make much sense because when I began writing it, it was in the middle of watching this amazing documentary of Netflix. And secondly this post has also been sitting in my draft box for over a month collecting internet dust. I have struggled to put words to my thoughts! Check out... Continue Reading →

Thursday Thoughts…

Welcome back to this little old space of mine. I hope you have all been settling into the New Year well. If not then who cares! Its just another year and we all move in our own way on our own journey. Don’t compare yourself to others. We all process daily life differently. So YOU... Continue Reading →

A New Year, a New You?

Why do we at the beginning of new year set ourselves goals? Resolutions? Targets? A list of actions and things we want to achieve. It seems that we give ourselves only year to get all things we have yet to do done. Why do we put this pressure upon ourselves to try and do it... Continue Reading →

Feeling a festive low?

(I started writing this pre-Christmas) As a new year looms ahead, it is not uncommon to have low periods. It's a time when we reflect back on the year and look forward to things in the future. Leading up to Christmas we are bombarded with bright lights, loud music, mulled foods and drinks, and have... Continue Reading →

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