Part 1 of 30 Days of Yoga: the deep stuff…

Well, here we are. Tackling the deeper shit. Lets be honest we all have thoughts like this, just some of us choose to write and think about it even more deeply. (Finger points to self). So rather than start with the obvious physical practise of yoga, I wanted to share my thoughts about the mental... Continue Reading →


Thursday Thoughts…

Welcome back to this little old space of mine. I hope you have all been settling into the New Year well. If not then who cares! Its just another year and we all move in our own way on our own journey. Don’t compare yourself to others. We all process daily life differently. So YOU... Continue Reading →

A New Year, a New You?

Why do we at the beginning of new year set ourselves goals? Resolutions? Targets? A list of actions and things we want to achieve. It seems that we give ourselves only year to get all things we have yet to do done. Why do we put this pressure upon ourselves to try and do it... Continue Reading →

Feeling a festive low?

(I started writing this pre-Christmas) As a new year looms ahead, it is not uncommon to have low periods. It's a time when we reflect back on the year and look forward to things in the future. Leading up to Christmas we are bombarded with bright lights, loud music, mulled foods and drinks, and have... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

That question we ask ourselves time and time again. Who am I? (I touched upon this idea briefly in a previous post) The question we ask of others during first encounters. Who are you? What are your values? What do you want to do? What do you do? Simple unassuming questions, but loaded with such... Continue Reading →

Owning your s***

Following on from last months post, I have been thinking recently about how we should all take the time to own our "stuff" a little bit more. How maybe creating a positive outlook on your life, can actually impact on the way you choose to act and feel. We are quick to blame our problems... Continue Reading →

Art of Brilliance…

Another post that has been brewing for a couple of months now... Are you a 2%er? Are you someone who looks towards the positive and finds happiness wherever possible? Do you delight in the smaller pleasures and can let go of things that are not worth loosing sleep over? If the answer is yes more... Continue Reading →

Are you self aware?

This post again has been a long time in the making. I keep coming back to this question of self awareness. What does it mean? Does it matter? What impact can being self aware have on your daily 'life' actions? Are you self aware? Are you able to look inside and be reflective? Can you... Continue Reading →

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